Oase 3000
Fr 24.02.2023


heer existence within the grey wasteland we call Hamburg gets depressing during winter. Quench your thirst for sunshine on the island we call OASE3000.

Take a night off the cold and rain to reboot your systems with our wellness program. We celebrate our debut @slot and engage in a warm and stimulating environment.

The OASE event series is organised by ZUS, provides financial support for ZUS fest 2023 and supports collectively organised spaces in Hamburg. We intend to provide a stage for artists and friends from in and outside of Hamburg to come together and melt different styles and music backgrounds opposing the streamlined and conventional club nights. A broad variety of sounds by @julez.90210 @dogheadsurigeri @dylliboi_91 @zehsar within the green resort will take you on the journey to regeneration. Let’s sweat together through a genre fluid night.

Parts of the income will be donated to the NGO AKUT and the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund by MOCA NGO.

Beginn: 23 Uhr

Weitere Infos: www.slot-hh.org